Saturday, July 9, 2011

Casey Anthony and My Reaction To Trial & Verdict

I must confess that I gave in to my flesh during the trial and after the verdict for Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter. I forgot about the mercy God has shown to me and I engaged in comments that do not reflect Christ, or the Christian walk I want to represent.

Someone recently stated that my opinion on Casey's guilt or innocence isn't important, and he was right. I do not know all the facts; I wasn't there! However, God was, and He will have the opportunity to face the person responsible for the death of a sweet, precious, innocent 2-year-old child. And woe be to that person; Jesus warned us about harming the innocent children, and I believe there are special circumstances waiting for those who do so. But, it is not my place to judge anyone, even if I knew for certain their guilt. Christ removed all my guilt and gave me a clean slate to start again, so how can I, then, stand in judgment of others? Should I not portray the same mercy and grace to them that was shown to me?

Besides, as Christ pointed out, I'm human and I have a plank in my eye, so how can I attempt to remove the speck from someone else's? I can't see their face, much less the speck in their eye due to the board that is clouding/blocking my sight. Whether Casey murdered her daughter, whether Casey's father covered up an accidental death, or even if he knew of a murder and covered that up, I do not have the standing to pass judgment. All I can do (and it is what I am supposed to do from the very start) is pray for Casey, her parents and everyone involved. And pray that God will bring the person responsible for the death of Caylee to justice.

One way or the other, whomever that person is, they will have to stand before God and answer for what they've done. If they don't have Christ in their heart, I pity them for they will spend eternity in hell. But, no matter, they will not escape answering for what they've done. In my flesh I want them to face justice on this planet, as well as the next, but that's not Christ-like. To be like Him, I am to want them to find peace, grace, mercy, love and forgiveness. And if I expect to be forgiven for my sins, I have to forgive them for this.

I pray we can all come to the understanding that these media frenzy cases don't give us all the facts or truth, but recognize that God knows all truth, nothing escapes His attention, and we will place all of these things in His capable hands. He will handle it all, while we simply love our brothers and sisters (all mankind) and help each and every one of them to find peace, love, mercy and grace.

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