Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Faith Required To Believe Science

First science said that in the beginning there was nothing, then nothing suddenly exploded and the entire universe was created in a fraction of a second; every single atom, molecule, etc. was created in that flash of an explosion. Now science says there was something, the "remnant" left over from a previous universe that collapsed on itself into something that was so tiny it would have been undetectable, and that miniscule piece somehow spontaneously combusted creating everything there is in the vast universe. But, they cannot explain where the original universe which imploded and then exploded again (they claim this has happened innumerable times over incalculable times) came from. Just as they can't explain how nothing, from the original "theory" exploded, or what prompted the explosion or what that something was that caused it, since there was nothing which means there would be nothing that would ignite nothing into an explosion.

Of course, they discount the notion that God created everything by asking the question where did God come from? DUH! How can they easily accept that nothing exploded to create everything but they can't get past the question of where God came from? Talk about double-standards and ignoring their own stupidity.

Then, after using that convoluted, contradictory and illogical premise of how the universe came into being, they claim that on the primordial Earth, certain chemicals and elements somehow came together and spontaneously sparked into life. Or they hypothesize that a bolt of lightning just happened to strike a spot in the ooze, or soup as they call it, causing those chemicals and elements to erupt into life. and from that single instance of life spontaneously erupting, every single living thing we know about came in time due to evolution. Last I checked a dog gives birth to another dog, not a cat or a human being, but I'm just a normal person with no scientific training, so what do I know?

I mean, seriously, think about it. There was nothing and that nothing exploded, sparked by nothing, and from that Big Bang came the universe. In that brand new creation, happenstance allowed certain things to combine together creating stars and planets. And on the planet we know as Earth, a mixture of chemicals and elements just happened to come together in the exact right combination and without any intelligence behind it, it erupted into a single cell, which somehow knew it had to split to propagate itself because it would eventually die, and from the lineage of those single cells, multi-cell organisms came into being which then mutated and created other multi-cell organisms and from that more than several billion different living organisms that are vastly different from one another came into being. Of course, there's no explanation on how that first single cell organism "knew" that it would die so therefore it needed to propagate itself.

And they claim my faith in a Creator requires me to suspend belief, logic and sanity?

Nothing and nothing still equals nothing. And what could cause nothing to explode into something? I have yet to be shown an example of an explosion creating anything. To believe that an explosion (whether it was nothing exploding or something exploding) created the universe would be akin to believing that an explosion happened in Detroit and a Cadillac rolled out. If that's the case, I'm going out to the yard and setting off an explosion so a new Ford Mustang GT Convertible will be sitting in my driveway.

Yes, I know I'm over-simplifying it, but apparently that's what is needed in order to get these super intelligent people to understand how ludicrous is the idea that nothing was set into explosion by another nothing creating everything.

It requires so much more "faith" to believe the scientific "theory" of creation than it does to believe that Almighty God created the universe and formed man in His own image, breathing life into that mix of clay. Which is why science is correct in saying that each and every human body is made of the atoms that make up the earth and the stars. We were created out of the materials on the planet, therefore we share the elements, chemicals and components that make up our home world.

As for the "Big Bang", I do believe in it. When my God speaks, I am certain that there is a huge sound that reverberates throughout the universe!