Thursday, February 28, 2013

Letters To Congress & President

Today, I wrote this letter to all 3 of my Congressmen and the President of the United States. Maybe if more people would write about this issue, we could see some real change in D.C. for a change!

28 February 2013

I keep hearing about cuts we have to make to Social Security, to Medicare, to Education, to transportation, to Defense, to rebuilding infrastructure. All I hear out of Washington is “CUTS, CUTS, CUTS”, to domestic programs; then I read in the paper this morning that we’re INCREASING spending by $60 Million dollars to Syrian rebels? Has Washington gone completely mad?

Before you start cutting programs that benefit the citizens of these United States whose taxes have kept this country going all these years, cut the spending we’re sending to nations around the world! Especially those nations that hate us and are constantly saying how much they do and how they’re going to destroy us, etc. Namely: Pakistan.

It is the greatest stupidity to cut programs for hardworking Americans who spent their lives and their health to support this nation while increasing spending for countries who despise us.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Shame On America

A friend of mine wrote in her book, "Paws to Reflect: 365 Devotions For the Animal Lover's Soul" (Devon O'Day and Kim McLean, ©2012 Abingdon Press) about the importance of consistency in keeping your word to your pets for the devotion of 25 February. It reminded me of some comments I've received when I tell people I've promised my dogs certain things, and I won't go back on my word; they act as if giving my word to a dog is somehow something that is of no consequence. I'm the type of man who believes giving my word means something, whether that's to a friend, a stranger, a dog, God -- my word is important and it's my highest priority to always keep it if at all possible.

Unfortunately there are many in this country who have no clue what it means to keep their word. They give their pledge to do something, or not to do something, and think absolutely nothing of failing to follow through. Often without explanation of why they didn't keep their word, yet these are the same people who create the most chaos if someone doesn't keep their word to them. When I think of those who keep their word the least, politicians, of course, top the list. Every election they're up for, they give us their word they're going to do this or that, but once they're continued place in Washington is assured for another 2, 4 or 6 years, they pretend they never said anything to us that remotely resembled a pledge. Of course, as soon as the election cycle gets close for us to decide whether to send them packing or leave them in D.C., they are once again giving us the word. How, and why, do we continue to believe them?

The saddest situation in this country is that we make sport about how politicians don't keep their word. How could we joke about the veracity of politicians then turn around and re-elect them, time and time again? Almost every person I spoke to before the election of 2012 agreed with me that we should send every incumbent home and start from scratch, and yet incumbents won more than 90% of seats up for re-election. If a couple were to experience the number of failed promises in four years that we the people experience from politicians, that couple would file for divorce in a fever of anger for the constant lies and broken promises; yet they continue to vote for those who promise to represent us in Washington and then represent only themselves and their big corporate donors.

And then there are those who stand on God's promises, constantly reminding Him that He promised, so therefore they aren't moving until God proves good on His word, all the while they make promises and pledges daily that they toss out as soon as it's not convenient for them to keep their word to Him. Don't get me wrong, I understand that we're all imperfect people who make mistakes and fall short or outright rebel against God's will, yet we expect God to keep His word to us, regardless while ignoring and forgiving us for not keeping ours. I just cannot imagine how much our hypocrisy hurts the very heart of God, and I for one am recommitting myself to work harder to keep every pledge I make, whether large or small.