Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Drama In Our Lives

Many people complain about the amount of drama in their lives or on their Facebook pages. Often they are complaining about how others are bringing the drama to their lives/pages and how sick they are of it, but if you look close, at all, you notice that most of the time the drama they're complaining about is something they are creating themselves. And more often than not, they're not happy if there's no drama going on around them.

Why do we want, or tolerate, these soap operas in our lives? What is it about the conflict of drama that we find so enticing that we must have its presence at all times, or at least most times, or we feel something is lacking? Truth be told, all the drama is is chaos. And without that chaos in our lives we tend to feel like our lives are boring or uninteresting. Let's take a look at the differing forms that drama takes in our environment.

Drama can be chaos or it can be turmoil. It can often take the form of argument amongst our closest friends and relatives. It could be nothing more than a sense of tension. Or maybe it's one person in your circle who complains constantly about everything. Or a member of your circle who talks about everyone else in your circle. Anyone who keeps some kind of negative emotion or attention going is one who creates drama. More often than not, however, when you have constant drama in your life it's you who is the source not those around you.

How do you rid yourself of the drama? You can start by eliminating all the negative speech that you, yourself, share. Stop saying anything that does not edify, uplift, encourage or otherwise add positivity to the conversation. If you are constantly being positive, those who are negative will eventually wander off and find someone else to be negative with. Positive people repel negative people, just as negative people repel positive.