Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hatred, Discrimination and Bigotry Are Not US Only Sins

I read a news article this morning that told of the hatred and bigoted slurs a new minister in the Italian government has been experiencing because she is of African descent. Although she is a native of the United States, one of the tags most associated with her by those who disapprove of her is "Congolese Monkey." One government representative accused her of trying to remake Italy in the image of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It piqued my interest to further research and find out how deeply ingrained the discrimination of blacks are in Europe as compared to the United States, but as I began researching I was brought to an inescapable truth: it's not just those of African descent who are hated, discriminated against and targeted for violence. In almost every article I read I learned that throughout Europe the majority whites are showing discrimination and bigotry toward anyone of color, be it black, brown, yellow or red. Maybe it's the larger population of blacks that take the brunt of the hatred, but I have no evidence to prove that.

But, I also read about Asian countries where those who are of white, black, brown populations also face discrimination in those nations. And then I found a couple of statements that brought home the truth of it all: natives of a nation or an area do not like when anyone who is non-native comes into their populations. The loudest, rudest voices were those who complained of immigration and policy which allowed those from other nations to come into their midst. No matter the skin color of the alien, the native populations complained about them taking jobs, welfare, housing, etc. And no matter the skin color of the aliens, they were routinely described as lazy, violent, miscreants who wanted only to be placed in the lap of luxury at the expense of the native population.

Almost every developed nation has a program to search the stars for extraterrestrial life. I can only imagine that any advanced civilization from another planet or galaxy would steer clear of this planet unless and until the human race can realize that the color of one's skin or the location one was born and raised in has absolutely nothing to do with the character and morals they hold and live by. We might be kept by an alien civilization the way we keep ant farms: a way to study us to find out just why we're so hateful and violent against someone whose only difference is the color of their skin.

God created earth and for many centuries or however much time, all mankind lived in relative harmony and peace, until God scattered the peoples due to their working together to build a tower to heaven. People were divided by language, so those who spoke the same language congregated together in different locations around the globe. For millennia very few people of different language, or different skin color as determined by their position on the earth, came into contact with those of different language/appearance. But from day one of intermingling, we have always believed that those of a different language/appearance were somehow less than we are. Less worthy, less intelligent, less moral and upright.

For those who believe the United States of America is a Christian nation, it is even more egregious to hold views that those of a different culture are somehow sub-human or to make them unwelcome in this country. If you don't believe me, go back and read the scriptures about the Good Samaritan; or the scriptures where Jesus teaches about the hungry, the naked, the homeless, the incarcerated. Re-read the Beatitudes and then study on the comment Jesus made about "His other sheep." As Christians we are called to live in harmony with others, doing nothing to harm or hurt them. The Law of Moses even commanded that newcomers to a town be fed, given drink and a bed and treated well, so for those who believe The Law is a guidebook for Christian living really should double check their agenda on racism, immigration and giving aid to the less fortunate.