Tuesday, January 22, 2013


When will we begin demanding that our leaders actually lead? That our representatives actually represent? When will demand that those in control of the corporations we do business with and the politicians we have elected get around to telling us the truth? How much longer until we put our collective foot down and require those in government actually govern? When will we, the people, demand that right is right and refuse to accept anything less?

I remember as a child when I first learned that the go-cart we had was limited to run below a certain speed by a governor; I learned the word govern meant to hold in check or limit/restrain. How is that those we send to Washington, DC cannot seem to hold themselves in check or limit themselves? They can't seem to restrain themselves from spending monies they don't have or fawning over special interest groups who have the money to pamper them with gifts and freebies. When will we wake up and demand what President Abraham Lincoln said: "Government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from this earth." Right now, the government of the United States is not acting like it is "of the people", it's certainly not working as if it's "by the people" and I can't recall the last time it was "for the people". We, the people, have come close to letting that style of government "perish" from the shores of this great nation.

Why do we allow the federal government of the United States of America to tell us that they have to cut domestic programs like defense while allowing them to not only send billions of our dollars to countries around the world, like Egypt, Syria and others, but to increase the amount of monies they're giving to people who hate us? Why do we continue to allow them to borrow 40¢ of every dollar that's spent to pay our national bills while they're giving away billions upon billions every year to nations that have declared themselves to be enemies of the United States?

Is it really the leaders of the government who have gone mad or is it truly we the people who have?