Monday, September 12, 2011

Professing To Be Wise, They Became Fools

That bit of scripture, found in the 1st Chapter of Romans, verse 22, has always intrigued me. Over the years I've walked with Jesus, I've seen instances that brought that scripture to my mind, but there's one situation or area where the proof of that scripture is so massively proved. The scientific community continually tries to prove that the miracles of God can be explained by simple physical laws of physics, gravity, etc. Or they try to say it was just coincidence. They explain that during the plagues in Egypt, each one of them can be explained by natural events (except for the last one, when the first born were slain, which they claim never happened).

So what if natural occurrences in some area of the world can be used to explain why the plagues happened in Egypt? God created the very universe, so for Him to use some natural occurrence in some area far away from where the plagues were is not, in any way, a dismissal of the fact that God brought it to bear. For the plagues to have happened at that exact moment in time when Moses said it would? That's a miracle from God!

God can use the explosion of a volcano 2,000 miles away to create the situation that His prophets have prophesied. The fact that it happened at the exact moment the prophet or priest declared or prayed for it proves that it was not happenstance or coincidence. It was God using His creation to do what His prophets and priests had declared.

One of the most hilarious things I've heard from the scientific community is regarding Noah's flood. They claim it never happened, and yet every single culture on the planet has a worldwide flood story. While it's true that not every culture attributes the flood to God or states that only Noah, his wife and sons and daughters-in-law were saved, along with 2 of each animal, the fact remains every culture has stories of a great flood. That's kind of hard to dismiss as being a myth told by the Jewish people to show the awesome power of the living God.

Just because something CAN have an explanation from nature doesn't mean it wasn't from God! It's the TIMING that counts!