Monday, December 28, 2015

Guns Do Not Kill People

The headline read, "Guns killed more people on Christmas in the US than in an entire year in these ..." Statements, and headlines, this this always rile me up. GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE!! Yes, literally thousands of people are murdered each year using firearms, but the "gun" was the method of killing, they don't DO the killing; people kill people using them.

You never see headlines like, "Knife Killed Couple" or "Baseball Murders Man" or "Couple Killed by Car" -- why not? Because there are not organized groups united to stamp out knives, baseball bats or cars so they don't use emotional headlines that blame the murders using those instruments like they do when discussing firearms. To say that a "gun" killed someone is to give a piece of hardware the ability to think, make decisions and perpetrate actions that are impossible for an inanimate object to perform. So, the question becomes: why do people blame guns for killings instead of people using guns?

The answer is simple, really: there are those who are intent on removing firearms from the hands of every person on the planet. The ultimate goal is to leave the general population without means of protection so that only governments, and criminals, will be in possession of firearms, thereby giving the government the ability to enslave a population without the fear of resistance. Doing away with the 2nd Amendment in the United States will NOT, CAN NOT, remove firearms from the hands of criminals. If, by some strange happenstance, the government of the United States were to achieve the outlawing of private citizens owning firearms that would have absolutely no effect on criminals possessing them. The number one cause of violation probation reincarceration is parolees being in possession of firearms. Despite being told when they are paroled that they are not to possess firearms it is generally one of the first items a convict buys, or steals, upon their release. Background checks and laws stating they cannot possess them does absolutely nothing to deter them.

My grandfather had a saying that locks were for keeping law abiding people out of your home. A criminal couldn't care less about the locks on your doors, he finds a way to break into your house anyway. Same goes for criminals being in possession of firearms. No amount of background checks, restrictions, registrations, etc., are going to keep firearms out of the hands of the criminal element in this world. And the argument that if no one possesses a weapon legally would mean there are none for criminals to steal is ludicrous! There are more than enough firearms in the hands of the criminal element that they don't require legally owned firearms in order to be armed and commit crime using them. The only thing removing firearms from law abiding citizens will accomplish is MORE murders, robberies and other violent crimes using firearms because there would be no deterrent to criminals using firearms, such as the fear that the intended victim may well be armed. It's cliché to say it, but if guns are outlawed only the outlaws will have guns.

Returning to the headline at the beginning of this post, it should read "Murderers Killed More People on Christmas in the US Using Guns Than in An Entire Year in These...." But, that would not be nearly as emotional a headline and would do nothing to help the cause of those who are intent on depriving the ordinary citizen the right to protect and defend himself and his family.