Saturday, December 10, 2016

We Are Too Social to Be Social

The introduction of the fast food industry will be traced back as the first step in the eventual downfall of human civilization. We have become a people who want everything served up hot, fresh, cheap and FAST!

Call someone on the phone these days and they simply do not have time to chat with you; they would rather you send them a message via Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat or one of the other "social" media apps. Kids today would rather text one another than call one another on their smartphones. The actual phone part of that device is the least used of the available functions for most people, today.

I once asked a friend if I could get a copy of a photo in which I was one of the subjects, but she objected to my asking for such as she was just too busy to look for said photo. She was also too busy to listen to a couple songs I had written/recorded a few years back, as well. She, herself, is a singer/songwriter, but she's become so busy doing "good" that she's no good to anyone who might really need her to talk to them when they're facing a battle.

I have another friend who dropped by to visit, but the entire time she was at my house, she had her smartphone up to her face, thumbs blazing across the keyboard as she updated her facebook status (stating that she was at my house to visit with me) and checking eMail.

We've become people who don't look one another in the eye and converse, anymore. Don't even think about inviting someone to dinner at your home and expect them to turn their phones off. They would have an anxiety attack before they got through the salad if they were disconnected from their digital umbilical cord.

As for me, I truly miss my friends and family, but since I have stopped visiting my facebook page, I rarely hear from anyone. If I should happen to call someone to check in, they're quick to tell me that I'd be more informed about their condition and schedule if I sign on to facebook. Then, of course, they have to get off the phone quickly so they can get back to being social behind the anonymity of their computer screen.

I suppose I'm showing my age when I say I miss the days when there were no smartphones, no tablets, no laptops. Sure, I had fewer long distance friends, but the friends I did have were ones I spent time with and talked to. I would see those friends at least once or twice a week, and we really knew what was going on in the other's life because we conversed. These days, you might get a tweet or a facebook update from someone multiple times per day, but you don't really know what's going on in their life because it's too complicated to try and give an accurate accounting when you have just 136 characters in which to inform others how you're doing.

We truly are a society that is too social via our digital life support system to be really social with one another.


  1. it's sad to see what technology has done to us. We were meant to be smarter and not beome dumb o just enjoy lives on social platforms than enjoying the real beauty till it lasts.
    very well written thought

  2. We were meant to be smarter and not beome dumb o just enjoy lives on social platforms than enjoying the real beauty till it lasts.

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